Jailbreak Radio


The Jailbreak Health Project focuses on reducing the risk of transmission of HIV, Hepatitis and Sexually Transmissible Infections. One component of the project is “Jailbreak” – a weekly half-hour radio program for people in prison, their families and supporters, hosted by Program Coordinator Kate Pinnock.

Jailbreak provides information on criminal, prison and health issues, as well as connecting people in prison to the community through their views, music and poetry. Jailbreak seeks to raise community awareness about prison, as well as providing support and referrals for those affected by the criminal justice system.

Broadcast Area
Radio Station Broadcast Schedule
Canberra 2XX 98.3 FM Tuesday 10:30am
Broken Hill 2DRY 107.7 FM Monday 8pm
Melbourne 3CR 885 AM Tuesday 9:30am
Sydney 2SER 107.3 FM Sunday 9:30pm
Sydney Koori Radio 93.7 FM Monday 10pm
Sydney Skid Row 88.9 FM Thursday 2pm
Bowral Highland-FM 107.1 FM Tuesday 10pm
On Demand 2SER Podcasts

Promoting Health and Wellbeing

Jailbreak is the national voice of people caught up in Australia’s criminal justice system who are dealing with incarceration. Imprisonment fosters a sense of social exclusion, social withdrawal and isolation in a population often already unseen, unheard and among the most marginalised in our community. Jailbreak is a vital link for people and families separated by prison, and aims to raise public awareness about the issues they face.

With music, stories, opinions and handy information, Jailbreak is a half-hour radio show for people in prison, families and the community. It is produced at 2SER 107.3FM and broadcasts in and around Sydney every Sunday night at 9.30pm on 2SER 107.3FM, and every Monday and Sunday night at 10pm on Koori Radio 93.7FM.

At the heart of the radio program is the music, much of it written and performed by the very people who listen in, and who courageously share their incredible stories of hardship and inspire hope in others. A critical element of the Jailbreak Project is health promotion and harm-reduction in relation to blood-borne viruses. Jailbreak is funded by NSW Health.