Video Prison Visits


IMPORTANT NOTICE – 16th November 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been changes to how video visits are run in NSW prisons. Along with the return of in-person visits, video visits will continue to be available. Video visits are not currently organised through CRC or taking place at our venue. Corrective Services have been piloting a new program to allow video visits to take place in your own home, connecting to any smart device that has a camera, sound and internet connection.

Please refer to the CSNSW page on video visits for more information on how to book:


CRC is an approved venue for facilitation of video visits for people who are unable to travel to visit family members and friends in remote prisons.

The costs for families and friends visiting prison can be high – physically, emotionally and financially. Many are unable to make regular visits due to time, distance or poor health, and children may miss out on other activities if weekends are taken up by constant travel.

By giving families the opportunity to keep in touch via video visits, CRC is able to provide a positive alternative for those who cannot always make the journey to a prison. Please note that visits via video link require pre-approval from Corrective Services and are not possible in every case.

Eligibility: Families must be able to attend CRC’s Canterbury office in person for a video visit. The family member/friend must be housed in a Correctional Centre where video facilities are available, and must apply and receive approval for the video contact with nominated visitors before it can take place. Please contact CRC for further information.

Access:  Phone (02) 9288 8700, 9am–5pm Monday to Friday.

Important to know: CRC is unable to facilitate video visits for families residing outside of Sydney. Video visits can only take place between 9am-2pm on weekdays.

Funding: This service is funded by Corrective Services NSW.

To find out more about Video Visits and how to access this service please contact us.