CRC Campaign Work

The Community Restorative Centre is committed to advocating for the rights of people who are impacted by the criminal justice system. All of our campaign work is focused on building pathways out of the justice system, on decarceration, and breaking cycles of disadvantage and criminal justice system involvement.

The key issues that CRC campaigns on include:

  • Reducing the number of people in custody
  • Building resources, support and the political will to fund community-based and led supports and alternatives to incarceration
  • Improving post-release pathways so that people can build pathways away from prisons
  • Improving support, housing and resourcing for homeless populations on release from prison
  • Reducing the over-representation of First Nations people in custody and the associated harms
  • Reducing the over-representation of people with mental illness in custody
  • Reducing the over-representation of people with intellectual disability or other forms of cognitive impairment in custody
  • Improving conditions and opportunities for people who are in prison (particularly with regard to access to education, training and genuine work opportunities)
  • Improving the conditions and opportunities for family members and friends of people in prison (particularly with regard to visits, respectful treatment and access)
  • Improving the opportunities and pathways for people when they leave prison (including breaking the cycle of imprisonment and homelessness)
  • Improving access to the NDIS for people with intellectual disability who are also involved in the criminal justice system
  • Ensuring that people with lived experience of incarceration are given platforms to share expertise and offer leadership in this space