Family Casework

“Our family had no previous experience with the criminal justice system and found it very difficult to come to terms with what happened. We now feel we can hope for a positive outcome thanks to the knowledge and assistance provided by CRC and are extremely grateful for the support we received.”

~ CRC client

When a person goes to prison their family can be left feeling scared, anxious, angry or embarrassed, as well as trying to understand a system they know little about. They may also feel socially isolated yet reluctant to seek support because of the stigma attached.  For many families, the incarceration of a loved one can lead to financial and practical difficulties and many changes that can be stressful.

CRC’s Telephone Information and Referral Service is available Monday to Friday for family members to call when they have questions and concerns about how the prison system and broader criminal justice system work.  By providing support and information, this service allows families to focus their energy on the important tasks they face, such as caring for children and preparing for visits.

Counselling is often helpful in supporting families through the stressful process of incarceration and assist in planning for release and family reintegration following a period of imprisonment.  The Telephone Information and Referral Service can provide information about where to access counselling in your area.

For counsellors seeking more information on how best to support families with a loved one in custody, please review our Information Sheet for Counsellors.

Eligibility: This service is available to family members of people in NSW prisons.

Access:  Phone (02) 9288 8700, 9am–5pm Monday to Friday.

For more information please contact us.


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