So. This year the Community Restorative Centre turned 65!


Surviving for 65 years as a specialist NGO working in criminal justice, with a social justice heart, and an explicit commitment to advocacy for people coming out of prison is a pretty damn big achievement.

To celebrate, properly, this year for our AGM we pulled together a talented bunch of musicians and performers who either worked in and around the prisons, and/or had their own lived experience of imprisonment – and put on a gigantic show at the Seymour Centre. The night was one of those miraculously connected nights, filled with laughter and song and tears and beautiful words, and people coming together from all over the place to somehow generate a huge mountain of hope and joy. These pics by the talented Stu Spence capture some of what happened.

Anyway, we at CRC are SO grateful to all of you have supported our work along the way, and we look forward to continuing to work to break cycles of imprisonment and poverty in 2017. In the meantime, we are wishing you all a ridiculously happy and safe holidays and new year.