Jailbreak Live Christmas Day 2016

By Jailbreak


Jailbreak’s broadcasting to you live locally this Christmas morning on Sydney’s Koori Radio 93.7FM. Listen in between 6am and 9am, you can also call in during the broadcast to send out your best wishes to family and friends on the inside.

We understand how difficult Christmas Day can be for people caught up in the criminal justice system. On a day that many people spend sharing good times with family and friends, the sense of disconnection can be very difficult, especially for children. So, we are providing an opportunity to let you send holiday greetings and well wishes to people on the inside and let them know that you are thinking of them on this special day.

Jailbreak’s Christmas program is a special broadcast, produced by Australia’s only national weekly radio program for prisoners, families and communities outside the prison system. Jailbreak radio forms part of the Jailbreak Health Project, one of NSW Health’s innovative health projects, delivering health promotion to people affected by the criminal justice system.

Eligibility: Anyone can call in and participate during the live broadcast – we’ll let you know the number to call during the live show

Access: Koori Radio 93.7FM or listen to the program streaming online at www.kooriradio.com, on Sunday the 25th of December between 6am and 9am

Good to know:  Alternatively, you can record a message before Christmas Day to be played during the live broadcast.  If you would like to do this, please contact us or call (02) 9288 8700

Funding: This service is funded by NSW Health and supported by Koori Radio 93.7FM